Mobile Development Services

The mobile phone has become a part of our everyday life. No matter who you are it seems impossible not to own one. It acts as our organiser, entertainer, and most importantly our portable key to social networking. The entire world has gone mobile. The “life-partner” status-quo of Smartphone devices makes the uptake of mobile apps a must-have business strategy for companies across all industries, whether serving the B2B or B2C market.

If you are in search of a mobile app development supplier, Visual I Web is your perfect match. Our application development company is a iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android developer that will help you get on the mobile bandwagon and pursue your mobile development plans in any (or all!) of the following areas:

  • IOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Windows Platform Development
  • Blackberry Development

Our 5 steps to a successful mobile application:

Here are the 5 steps that you will take with Visual I Web to get your desired application, meet your time and budget expectations, and gain momentum to outperform the competition:

  • Discovery - a good start is half of your success! The Visual I web team will give you a head start by getting a clear vision of your mobile goals and business aspirations. We’ll define your needs and establish the stakeholders, analyse your customers and gain insight into your company’s infrastructure – then we’ll choose the best platform for your mobile application.
  • Planning & Prototyping - with a well-defined map of your mobile idea at hand, Visual I Web will get down to a detailed elaboration of your project. We’ll come up with a PRD, implementation variants, and prototypes, reflecting UX/UI traits and app behaviour. You’ll get a clear picture of your product-to-be and we’ll design a scalable and engaging mobile application.
  • Deployment & Testing - Visual I Web, iOS, Android developers, BlackBerry and Windows Phone specialists, will leverage their technical proficiency and developer knowledge to turn the documented requirements into a viable and sleek mobile product that meets user needs. Our QA team will ensure its fault-free performanceand we’ll keep project progress transparent by providing you with regular updates on milestones and the risk and cost management process.
  • Completion - once your mobile solution is polished and ready to go, Visual I Web will conclude with its release to application stores and marketplaces, or deploy the mobile application into your IT ecosystem. Now you can enjoy the fruit of our mobile efforts and start harvesting the benefits.
  • Analysis & Optimization - After the mobile app has gone live, you can get user feedback and spot more opportunities to take advantage of. If you decide to build up your application further, Visual I Web is here to assist you with future application refinements – we will break down the optimisation process so that you can steadily roll out new sets of application features, gradually treating your users to yet greater application functionality.
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